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Discover the joy of growing birdhouse gourds with seeds directly harvested from our thriving urban farm at Rusty Top Farm. These gourds have adorned our space with their unique beauty, served as natural decor, and attracted an array of local wild birds, creating a lively and engaging garden environment. Now, we’re excited to share this experience with you! Each pack contains 10 seeds, ready to be planted in your spring garden for a season of growth and discovery.


Why Choose Rusty Top Farm’s Seeds?


  • Locally Grown: Harvested from our urban farm, these seeds are non-GMO and grown with sustainable practices.
  • Decorative & Functional: Perfect for crafting into birdhouses or decorative pieces, adding charm to your garden while inviting nature’s wonders.
  • Ready to Plant: Our seeds were carefully harvested after fully drying over the winter, ensuring they’re primed for planting in your spring garden.
  • Growth Habits: Expect gourds to vary in size, with long vines that are perfect for trellises or garden fences.


Join Our Community: By choosing our seeds, you support sustainable urban agriculture and contribute to a greener, more vibrant world. Let’s grow together and transform spaces into places of beauty and biodiversity.


Order now and prepare to welcome a touch of Rusty Top Farm’s magic into your garden this spring!

Birdhouse Gourd

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