What is JMS (JADAM Microorganism Solution)

By cultivating the local microorganisms and applying them to soil or plants, we can ensure a diverse microbiome enhansing the soil food web and preventing disease and fungal problems naturally.

We gather a small amount of the soil around the base of our compost bin. This soil is biological diverse and has already been growing in the same conditions as our crops.

This soil is added to a fine mesh bag with a starch. Boiled potato is the best. Here we are using beets and rice that we boiled and froze to make weekly batches of JMS.

The soil and starch are worked into a bucket of clean water (rainwater or RO water). Seawater or sea salt are also added for additional minerals.

After 24 hours you can see proof of biological activity. JMS should be used at peak bubble production before the microorganisms consume all the starch and oxygen levels drop. This time can vary based on temperature. This is diluted and applied to the farm for various purposes. We mostly use it as a weekly foliar spray to keep powdery mildew and other negative microorganisms from taking over the garden. Diversity of microbial life is what we are going for!

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