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What is JADAM Natural Farming

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

JADAM Natural Farming is a farming system that emphasizes the use of locally available and low-cost materials to improve soil health, plant growth, and crop yields. The principles of JADAM Natural Farming are based on Korean Natural Farming (KNF) but have been adapted and modified by its founder, Youngsang Cho, to fit the local conditions of his farm.

Some of the key principles of JADAM Natural Farming include:

  1. Soil health: JADAM Natural Farming emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy soil as the foundation for healthy crops. This is achieved through practices such as composting, soil conditioning, and the use of natural soil amendments.

  2. Biodiversity: JADAM Natural Farming encourages the promotion of biodiversity in the farm ecosystem, including the use of companion planting and cover crops.

  3. Low-cost inputs: JADAM Natural Farming promotes the use of low-cost and locally available inputs, such as plant extracts, animal waste, and natural minerals, to reduce the cost of farming inputs.

  4. Fermentation: Fermentation is a key process in JADAM Natural Farming. It is used to create natural fertilizers and pest control solutions using locally available materials.

  5. Minimal tillage: JADAM Natural Farming promotes the use of minimal tillage to reduce soil disturbance and improve soil structure.

  6. Observing and learning from nature: JADAM Natural Farming encourages farmers to observe and learn from nature, including the behavior of plants and animals, in order to better understand the needs of their crops and the farm ecosystem.

Overall, JADAM Natural Farming is a holistic approach to farming that prioritizes sustainability, low-cost inputs, and soil health.


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