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Operation Fruitful City: Empowering Urban Communities to Fight Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a growing problem in urban communities across the United States. Many families struggle to access fresh, healthy produce, while at the same time, tons of edible food goes to waste each year. Rusty Top Farm, a service-disabled veteran-owned urban farm and workshop, has launched a new initiative called Operation Fruitful City to address this issue.

Operation Fruitful City aims to empower and unite urban communities in the fight against food insecurity by harvesting excess fruit from residential backyards, converting urban lawns into regenerative edible landscapes, donating produce to those in need, and educating individuals on the benefits of urban agriculture and resource conservation.

Here are some of the key components of Operation Fruitful City:

  1. Harvesting Excess Fruit: The Rusty Top Farm team of volunteers will come to residential properties and harvest excess fruit from fruit trees that would otherwise go to waste. This is a great way to reduce food waste, promote sustainable agriculture, and give back to the community.

  2. Converting Lawns into Edible Landscapes: Rusty Top Farm can help convert urban lawns into productive gardens and edible landscapes, making productive use of otherwise unused space.

  3. Donating Produce: The harvested fruit will be donated to those in need or shared with community food partners, helping to address food insecurity in the local area.

  4. Educating the Community: Rusty Top Farm also aims to educate individuals on the benefits of urban agriculture and resource conservation. By promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture, Operation Fruitful City can help build a stronger and more resilient urban landscape, where food, people, and community collide in a beautiful, fruitful way while also conserving natural resources.

There are many benefits to participating in Operation Fruitful City, including reducing food waste, promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and helping to address food insecurity in urban communities. If you have fruit trees on your property that produce more fruit than you can use, or if you are interested in converting your lawn into a productive garden or edible landscape, we encourage you to contact Rusty Top Farm to learn more about Operation Fruitful City and how you can get involved.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against food insecurity and promote sustainable and regenerative agriculture in our urban communities.

Farmer John

Rusty Top Farm


Help Us Grow!

At Rusty Top Farms, we're dedicated to supporting our veterans and helping them experience the healing power of gardening. We're currently raising funds to build garden crates for veterans who may not have access to a garden or who may need extra support to get started.

Each garden crate costs us $300 to build, and we rely on donations from our community to make this project possible.

If you'd like to support our mission and help us build garden crates for veterans, please consider making a donation through our fiscal sponsor at .

Every donation counts and makes a difference in the lives of our veterans.

Thank you for your support and let's continue to work together to support our veterans and build a more resilient community!

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